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2010 List of Things


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Personal High Point: Japan/Eating tons of sushi

Personal Low Point: The amount of money I spent on booze

Best Thread: Food/Drink List

Best Album: High On Fire: Snakes of the Divine

Best Film: True Grit

Best Show/Concert You Attended or Didn't: Mastodon, High On Fire, Baroness and Valiant Thor in Oakland

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Hot Wings

Best Restaurant: Souley Vegan was incredible

Best Tattoo of the Year:


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List of things...

Personal High Point: stepping outside the boundaries that religion put in my life and really getting different experiences. Getting my first tattoo and meeting all you wonderful people!!

Personal Low Point: if there was a low point this year, i dont remember!!

Best Trip(s): Lisbon, Portugal

Best Thread: LST Preferred Tattoo Professionals, i love this one because i love to look at everyones website!

Best Album: Pink- greatest hits, Hedley-the show must go. those are the ones ive been listening to on repeat

Best Film: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Entire movie was filmed in toronto!!!)

Best Show/Concert You Attended or Didn't: Hedley-The Show must Go tour. i went to 2 different shows!! Amazing!!

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: a freshly made almond croissant

Best Restaurant: Chiado- Portugese food,The Black Hoof- brunch

Best Tattoo of the Year: i got both my first and second tattoos this year and they are both my favorite! (im not just saying that cuz the artist that did them is a member on LST, they are both awesome!)

Feel free to add what you like.

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List of things...

Personal High Point: Getting my kids full time. It's changed a lot of things but has been great. Meeting Henry Rollins.

Personal Low Point: Bouts of depression.

Best Thread: The Random Picture, I'll flip to that when I have a bad day at work.

Best Album: Aloe Blacc- Good Things. Nothing better than soul music that has soul.

Best Film: Way out of the loop on this.

Best Show/Concert You Attended or Didn't: Finally seeing Faith No More was great, but Coachella is not my cup of tea. Social D, Frank Turner, Lucero was pretty badass.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Pawn Stars

Best Restaurant: Random shithole Mexican resturants in No. VA. Not a big food person.

Best Tattoo of the Year: Too many great ones. Lots of great artist worked on me this year.

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Personal High Point: Moving from San Jose to Oakland.

Personal Low Point: Walking away from a project I'd invested tons of time, energy, and love into because it had turned into something I didn't love.

Best Thread: Random Picture Thread (although The Finer Things is making a run on it at the moment)

Best Album: Ugh don't make me pick just one. Some records released this year that I love include:

Bridge and Tunnel - Indoor Voices

Ceremony - Rohnert Park


imadethismistake - Bow and Quiver

Tim Kasher - The Game of Monogamy

The Notorious XX mixtape

Best record I discovered in 2010 was released in 2009 though- Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves - Self-Titled. So good!

Best Film: Not a movie person.

Best Show/Concert You Attended or Didn't: Paint It Black and Ceremony at 924 Gilman St. Dead To Me and Big Kids house show in a garage in San Jose.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: 4 lb lard bucket we just purchased -


Best Restaurant: Juanitas Taqueria in Encinitas, CA. Por vida.

Best Tattoo of the Year:

seen here on LST -


my own -


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Personal High Point: Starting this tattoo forum and ezine with Scott along with some other personal goal pursuing.

Personal Low Point: Old habits will fight til the death!

Best Thread: This is tough as I truly enjoy reading, hearing, seeing all the post/blogs/tattoo pictures/etc as peoples thoughts fascinate me, must be the reason for my profession and why I have been avoiding this post since it got started. Anywho, here are some for where I am at today:

Old Tattoo Photos

Travel and Tattoo Shop Choosing

Food and Drink List

Finer Things in Life

Was tattooing as popular 100 years ago?

Best Album: 500 Days of Weezy

Best Film: Always James Bond but I'll add Up in the Air

Best Show/Concert You Attended or Didn't: Agnostic Front 25th Anniversary original lineup in Brooklyn this past February! I may write on this in a blog as we were out there for a little bit leading up to the show and the fact that no one had played together for twenty-five years and the practices had some wondering how the show would be executed.......it went off!!

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Nicotine.......

Best Restaurant: Adhoc, this sandwich shop in Eagle Rock which I can't recall the name, Morimoto's, and on and on........

Best Tattoo of the Year: Jake's pick of the Thug Life belly rocker is up there but can't narrow it down......

Thanks for starting this thread!!

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Personal High Point: getting real money from my job, seeing my mom smile and passing the 5kuy exam in Aikido few weeks back and getting good feedback.

Personal Low Point: Mom being sick, falling somewhat in love but loosing.

Best Thread: was tattooing as popular 100 years ago as now.....

Best Album: Hmmmm, I've been listening to other stuff than new, but if I had to pick one, Further by The Chemical Brothers

Best Film: Youth in Revolt. It was released 2010 in Finland so it counts :p Great movie. Best portrayal of a cool as fuck 16nish year old that is actually fucking cool.

Best Show/Concert You Attended or Didn't: None

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Junk food

Best Restaurant: Local indian restaurant. Kaavya kitchen

Best Tattoo of the Year: My legs by Sailor Andy, no pics sorry

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i didn't even see this

Personal High Point: trip to chicago and finally taking care of myself.

Personal Low Point: spending months with chronic insomnia in spring.

Best Thread: which thread isn't the best?

Best Album: rape revenge 7" (yea it's not an album but i rocks)

Best Film: Rocksteady: the roots of Reggae (this technically came out in 2009, but was shown at several film festivals in the states this year, and i happened to have attended one of them)

Best Show/Concert You Attended or Didn't: attended: CocoRosie at the Regency in June. mindblowing good.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: nori.

Best Restaurant: if meaning a restaurant that opened this year, then Flaco's.

Best Tattoo of the Year: don't make me choose between Mario and Nick.

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Ahh forgot about this! Let's see..

Personal High Point: Getting a publisher interested/asking my lady to marry me. (She said yes.)

Personal Low Point: Not sticking with the fiddle like I shoulda. I'll also second Loch's "old habits" response...

Best Thread: All the interviews have been fantastic.

Best Album: I don't think I'm "with it" enough to answer this.

Best Film: I did like Inception and with as predictable as Shutter Island was, I still liked watching it.

Best Show/Concert You Attended or Didn't Attend: Wanda Jackson. Never smiled so much at a show. (The second Wanda show I left early b/c the crowd was.. unbearable. Like Bizarro World show.. but the first one was amazing.)

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: 30 Rock. Root beer.

Best Restaurant: Dressler.. always Dressler.

Best Tattoo of the Year: Still stoked on all of em!!

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