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From February 11-13, 2011 the Milano Tattoo convention will be held so.....

-Who's going?

-Who's going to get tattooed? By who?

-Who's going to tattoo? If you are tattooing, how can people make appointments with you?

-If you are traveling there to tattoo, will you be guest tattooing anywhere before and/or after? If so, where and how can people make appointments?

-Who's going to have a table?

-Anyone wish to document it for Last Sparrow Tattoo Forum and write some blogs with pictures? Maybe even some video?

-And anything else you wish to share about the upcoming event please feel free to contribute........


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I'll be working there at the Frith Street booth with Valerie and Dante.

I think Valerie is fully booked.

Dante will be selling awesome machines made by some of the best guys around, ink and Tim Hendricks' pens.

I will be tattooing whatever comes my way. - Last time it was flowers and lettering on fingers, feet, ears and eyelids.

If anyone wants to make an appointment with me you can email stewartrobson@gmail.com

I think it's going to be a good one. I hope to see some of you guys there.

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I will be working this too. I worked this convention last year and it was amazing to say the least!!Completely packed with real tattoo lovers.The artist list is as good as it gets. This is one convention every one should check out. I have limited spaces left and will try do some walk ups also. If anyone is interested in getting tattooed by me over the weekend you can email me at rossnagle@gmail.com


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