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    • Hi everyone my name is Ben. It wont let me post this question to the AFter Care section. So I'm posting it to the only place it will let me post it, the initiation thread. I just have an aftercare question and would REALLY appreciate some insights from the experts on this forum. So here goes ...   Ok, so let me start by saying, I am incredibly sorry that I did this. I did not mean to spread my germs to others. I got a tattoo exactly one week ago and it was mostly done healing (a few small scabs and peeling). So, my artist didn't tell me not to go swimming. I guess she just thought I knew. SO I went swimming laps at the YMCA indoor public pool. After I got out, a guy saw my new tattoo and mentioned to me that I shouldn't be swimming with that cos it could cause infection. So, I googled it. And found a lot of horrifying stuff. I also had a small open scab that I had accidentally scratched the night before. I immediately went home and washed everything with antibacterial soap. I put H2Ocean on the tattoo and Bacitracin on the open scab. So now I'm wondering, am I like, totally screwed? I'm all worried about flesh eating bacteria and infection. The open scab is still really itchy, but doesn't look infected at all. Any advice on how to handle this, other than NEVER doing this again would be greatly appreciated. Again, I am very apologetic for spreading my germs. The thought never occured to me to not do this and now that I know, I NEVER will do anything like this again. Thanks! 
    • eh, not much more that a week or so. it's an open wound, and the new layer of skin needs to grow over it.
    • Hello, I got my first tattoo of my recently deceased pet two weeks ago and was wondering how long the ink staining the surface of my skin will stick for? I've gently washed the tattoo with un-fragranced soap twice a day and it seems to be coming off very slowly and ever so slightly. it's not that visible with flash but it's basically little bits of ink stuck in the surface crevices/lines of my skin. Thanks! edit: i typed two weeks ago instead of two days ago oops
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