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I saw this upcoming 2011 SLC International Tattoo Convention February 18-20, 2001 website after twittering with @dansmithunknown when he posted his new painting for the Tarot Card Art Show. Below in "quotes" is the list of tattooers and tattoo shops from the site where I see many LSTers! We look forward to hearing about the show and seeing some pictures and maybe even some blogs anyone? Is anyone else planning on attending? Will there be a rematch by Nick Colella against Scott Sylvia for arm wrestling? Or another challenger?

Artists are listed alphabetically. Updated 1/04/2011

08-15 Tattoo

Ace Custom Tattoo

Rodney Raines

Aces High Tattoo

Travis Brown

American Graffiti Tattoo

Ryan Tanton

Anchor Ink

Archetype Dermagraphics

Jespah Torres, Ben Shaw

Ben Around Tattoos

Ben Miller

Big Deluxe Tattoo

Birch Avenue Tattoo

Soup, Sammy Bockelman

Chalice Tattoo Studio

Darcy Nutt, Andrew Pontius

Chicago Tattoo Company

Mario Desa, Erik Gillespie

David Tattoo


Demented Image

Big Gus

Dringenberg & Co.

Flaming Dragon

Scott Schafer, John Sabin, Darrin Forrest, David Wach, Sara Childress

Fu's Custom Tattoo

Joey Vernon, Hayley Lakeman

Good Times Tattoo

Alen Hinton, Vic Back, Clint Marvin, Thai Lee, Pat Devlar, Colby Burleson, Bonnie Seeley and Danny Madsen

Hard Luck Tattoo

Uzi, Josh Palmer

Heidi Scheck

Heroes & Ghosts Tattoo

Hidden Hand Tattoo

Jeff Cornell, April Cornell, Roni Falgout, Charlie Grrl

High Caliber Custom Tattoos

Mike Pace, Rex Barnes

Home Sweet Home Tattoo

Megan Hoogland



Hot Stuff Tattoo

Danny Reed

Icon Tattoo


Inksmith & Rogers

Richard Stell

Iris Piercing

Iron Age Tattoo

Trevor Collis, Joe Cumbee

Iron Tiger Tattoo

Larz Van Zandt

Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival

Jaz Tattoo


Jef Wright

Justin Lipuma

Katie Raymon, Gabe Garcia

King Kong Tattoo

Kingpin Tattoos

Shay Haas

Koi Piercing

Lost Art Tattoo

Loyalty Tattoo

Nick Phillips, Josh Avery

Lucky Devil Tattoo

Derek Noble

Miracle Mile Tattoo

El Brad Mariachi

Non Stop Art Tattoo

Chad Soner

Olde Tyme Tattoo

Jon Kelly, Darin Salvik, Ben Miller, Ronnie Osuna

Otherside Ink

Lisa Schmoldt

Pat Patterson

Pain & Wonder Tattoo

Chris Parry, Mike Groves, Sailor Jim, Keith Rein, Chris Hamer

Phil Freytag

Phillip Spearman

Psycho Tattoo

Mike Webb

Ramon Estevez

Rebirth Tattoo by Vinnie (AK)

Vinnie, Coral Petrie

Richie Lucero

Sacred Heart Tattoo

Tony Olivas

Sacred Soul Tattoo

Michelle Helmer

Sage's Urban Art Tattoo

Sanctity Tattoo

Jay Cavna, Bugsy

Sandi Calistro

Sergio's Tattootlan

Sergio Reynoso, Sergio Reynoso JR

Seth Ciferri

Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand

Southern Star Tattoo

Keet D'arms

Spidermonkey Tattoos

Bryan Childs

Ta2 Terry Custom Concepts

Ta2 Terry

Tattoo Paradise

David Cavalcante

Tattoo Tony

Thick as Thieves Tattoo

Mike Pinto

Th'ink Tank Tattoo

Tim Forbus

Tinta Cantina

The whole damn shop!

Tomato Tattoo


Triple Crown Tattoo Parlour

The whole damn shop!

Triumph Tattoo

Jason Freeman, Tyler Lunt

Incognito Tattoo

Tyler Borich

Vanguard Tattoo


Viking Tattoo (UK)

William Thidemann

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