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    • Intesting, I acutally thought working on bigger geometric tattoos would be more demanding. I have a bigger dark shoulder tattoo planned for the distant future which I could easily use for a cover-up, so I'm not too bothered about it. In the end it's on my back so I don't get to see the tattoo a lot anyway. But I'd like to be able to show it off without being ashamed of the result. I'm pretty sure the original artist would give me a free touch-up but honestly I don't feel comfortable about it and would rather pay a different artist.   Thanks to both of you for sharing your thoughts!
    • if you think  it needs it,most artists give free touchups(remember to tip,for cost of supplies) or just leave it alone and plan your next badass tattoo. looks ok to me for what it is.
    • Anytime you have a tattoo that’s that small and composed only of a few lines, many of which are either straight or circular, you are going to see flaws. There is no “touch up” that’s going to make it look any better. It would more than likely ruin it altogether. My advice would be to live with it awhile and see if it grows on you. If not, you’d have a lot of options to cover it up if you go to a good artist and give them some freedom. Best of luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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