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After a good few years at a shop that has treated me well I am going on the road for a while and putting the wind at my back and gas in my car. Which means someone need to replace me at Cal Tat Co. I'm not leaving for any reason other than to go do me for a while.

Someone with 5 or more years experience, a solid portfolio, and a good attitude. Being a team player will be appreciated as well. Obviously the ability to draw is necessary.

Very bust street shop, established for over 35 years, and has 3 major military bases right nearby(Hunter, Stewart and Parris Island are all within a 5 minute to less than 1 hr drive). Being the oldest shop around we still get a huge client base from locals and South Carolina and are as busy if not busier than other local shops.

I've been there for over 3 years and built up a solid client base, so anyone else with the ability to treat people well and be friendly (as well as do solid tattoos) will get you as many loyal customers as I did.

If there's anything I forgot to mention I'll add it later.

Contact Jack or Sharon Witt at about the job.

Personally I will going up the east coast doing spots at Baltimore Tattoo Museum, Kadillac Tattoo in Philly, going west and hitting Trader Bob's in St Louis and continuing west to spots at Bolder Ink and Godspeed in Colorado. Prob gonna do a spot or two in Denver but that would be months away, who knows what will happen by then. Hit me up if you wanna get tattooed in July in any of those cities!

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    • In my mind you've already got the acceptable limit = "inspiration". If you take that picture some a willing tattooist and say "I want this EXACTLY as this is" and they trace it out then it's just reproduced artwork, like a cartoon character.  If you take that picture to a qualified artist and say I'd like a goat's head and raven similar to this then you're likely to get an original piece of art. 
    • hi all! it's been a minute since i've been online - hope you're all doing well and are safe! ☺️ i wanted to ask, in your opinion, at what line does inspiration become ripping off another artist? is it okay to see someone's art and commission another artist to do their own take or spin on a concept? what are your thoughts? for example, i really want to get black phillip from the vvitch tattooed on my leg. i love the composition, styling, and overall design of this artist's interpretation. however, i would not want my own artist to blatantly copy someone else's design? i'd want them to incorporate their own ideas, styles, color palette, etc. to the table. is this okay in your opinion? i know that people feel strongly about copying (as they should) and i don't want to step on anyone's toes!
    • I don't think I can go on until I see it. 🤪
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