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July 2013 Tattoo of the Month Contest


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That baku is incredible, @Wilhell! I bet that one took a while. His tebori method hurts less than some I've felt. How was it?

Thank you so much, @hogg! Nice to hear that from you. It was not that bad, but it was really intense. He tattooed me almost 6 hours. Had maybe 15 min. break I think. Some spots was very painful, like under my knee. Fortunately it was such an overwhelming experience so that took a lot of pain. He was a really, really nice and relaxing guy too! Cool! What did you get from him?

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Finally have a new finished piece to enter the contest! Not expecting to win, but it's a good way to show off my finished tattoo by Kore Flatmo!

The pictures were taken in May by Kore when we finished up. Yay! :D


Congrats on winning! Please know that we'll cut the sleeves off before sending out your shirt. Can't be hiding any part of that sleeve.

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Congrats @Dennis! Those sleeves are definitely one of my favorites of LST, I actually saved your picture when you originally posted them in the Latest thread because they're just that awesome! :)

Wow, thanks man! I'm glad you like them, I know I do! :)

@hogg, once I get more coverage I'll have to start going to work in the nude!

@Iwar @Wilhell @else @slayer1019 Thank you!!!

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