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So for those who are going to the Detroit Tattoo Convention Chris Conn will be doing another one of his arts seminar like he did at Horitaka's State of Grace Bay Area Tattoo Convention

detroit tattoo arts seminar

I am very pleased to formally announce that I am holding a second seminar on the design and rendering of the female face and form for tattooists.

This seminar will be a limited-enrollment event, held at the Seventeenth Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo 2011. The convention will take place at the Detroit Marriot/Renaissance Center. This class will be Friday, the 25th of February, from 7:30pm to 10:30pm.

The class will consist of a verbal presentation/lecture, live sketching, a slideshow, and a question and answer session. Each attendee will also receive a limited-edition instructional sketchbook, signed and numbered, exclusive to this convention.

The topics covered will include:

• Dynamic/emblematic figure arrangement and posing

• Achieving mood and drama with facial and physical expression

• Specific body parts and proportions (eyes, hands, breasts, legs, etc.)

• Facial angles and proportions

• Full-body angles and proportions

• Use of models and reference material

• Short-cuts, cheating, and ‘frankensteining’

• Use of symmetry, asymmetry, and ‘para-symmetry’

• Rendering hair and coiffure

• Costume, drapery, and ornament

• Use of shading and skintone

• Effect of scale on rendering

• Evolving your own personal style

• Interaction of foreground image with background or ‘garnishing’

• Concealing and constructively using mistakes and errors

• Keeping the balance between detail and clarity

• Ensuring a sense of life and spirit in the design

I will endeavor to provide as much useful information as possible from my sixteen years behind the needle that would be helpful both to novice and experienced tattooists, and will answer as many questions as time allows.

Enrollment begins right now!

There is limited seating available, and enrollment will be handled on a first-come, first serve basis. The cost is $200 per person. No drop-ins will be accepted. To reserve a seat at this event, there are two options:

• Paypal $200 US to Please make sure to include your contact information. Your Paypal payment confirmation will be your receipt and ticket to the event, so please save and print it to bring with you.

• Send a money order for $200 US, made out to Christopher Askew, to the following address:

Sekretcity International

360 Castro St. #6

San Francisco, CA



Please make sure to include your contact information.

If you use this method, I cannot hold your enrollment until I

receive the check. Upon receipt, I will send an email

confirmation that will serve as your receipt and ticket to the event,

so please save and print it to bring with you.

if you have any questions, please email me at:

I am really looking forward to meeting all of you and chatting about one of my favorite subjects! Thank you.




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