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Last Sparrow Press Release January 7, 2011

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Latest Press Release from LST:

Link here: Tattoo Artist Scott Sylvia Hopes to Preserve the Tattoo Community with Launch of Last Sparrow Tattoo Web Site


Tattoo Artist Scott Sylvia Hopes to Preserve the Tattoo Community with Launch of Last Sparrow Tattoo Web Site

The founder of a new web site, Last Sparrow Tattoo, hopes the popularity of tattoos won't ruin the craft.

San Rafael, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) January 07, 2011

Iconic tattoo artist Scott Sylvia announces a new community for tattoo enthusiasts: Last Sparrow Tattoo (Tattoo Ideas & Pictures | Last Sparrow Tattoo). The Last Sparrow Tattoo forum and online magazine offers advice and resources for tattoo fans.

Tattoos appeal to a much broader range of people than in the past and interest (and social acceptance) is growing steadily with the endorsement from celebrities and pro athletes. A Pew Research Center study says over 30% of Americans age 18 - 25 have at least one tattoo, and 40% of people age 26 - 40. In contrast, the study found only about 10% of people age 41 - 64 are tattooed.

Sylvia, who is an owner at Black Heart Tattoo in San Francisco, California, is concerned that this popularity may come at the expense of the craft. He worries that mass publicity and popularity of tattooing may ruin either the craft or the artisans (tattoo artists).

He is disappointed in the tattoo magazines, who seem more concerned with selling than content. “Most current tattoo magazines are terrible examples of modern tattooing. Editors change entire stories in the interest of creating drama to generate more sales. They don't seem to care about tattooing,” he said.

“My goal is to provide a source for people to see and meet good reputable tattooers [tattoo artists] from around the world, just like the magazines used to do. I'm hoping that Last Sparrow Tattoo can help protect the art of tattooing while respecting its roots and growing the community,” he said. He is not as much interested in this month’s new hit sensation; but rather in celebrating the longevity of the art form.

Last Sparrow Tattoo has already brought the tattoo community together. The site provides in-depth video interviews of top tattoo artists like Freddy Corbin who created the logo for the popular television show Sons of Anarchy. Other popular tattoo artist interviews to date include; Juan Puente, Bryan Burk, Josh Arment, and Nick Colella. The interviews feature the details and life events that took place in each of the tattooers’ history that lead them to their success.

“I was apprehensive of making the site at first, but I now appreciate how the community has taken over the forum and made it their own. I've always felt that tattooing is a family, one I've always felt more comfortable in than my own family,” said Sylva.

One of the most active topics on the forums is “Tattoo 101” where people ask questions about getting a tattoo and get input from others in the community. There is also a lot of discussion about tattoo shops around the world and popular tattoo design ideas (knuckle tattoos for example).

Last Sparrow Tattoo has a constantly growing tattoo picture gallery with thousands of high quality pictures that the forum members upload every day. This is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking for tattoo design ideas.

Whether you are already covered in tattoos or looking to get your first one, Last Sparrow Tattoo is the place to get design advice, find the best artists, read and follow member blogs, or just hang out and chat in the forums.

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