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    • Keep looking and next time book mark it. 😉
    • Small detailed tattoos on thin delicate skin are the most prone to blowouts. I don’t think there is anything you can do to cause or prevent them.
    • Hello everyone! on Friday I got my first tattoo, a small dagger, like 5cm on the back of my hand. I think this was the absolute right decision, but I am a bit afraid of the aftercare, because there are some Details, which I would like to preserve. As this is my first tattoo and there are three questions which I couldn’t find answers on: No.1 I am currently living in Athens and the tap water is relatively heavy chlorinated, which makes me unsure about showering and washing, should that be any problem? No.2 During the days the sun is always shining. In the last few days I’ve hid in my flat to let the tattoo heal but tomorrow I have to get to work, would it be an idea to use a band aid to cover the tattoo from the sun? No.3 The possibly most shitty thing with this small detailed tattoo would be blowouts, how do they happen? Until now everything looks just fine, but I am a bit scarred to F*** everything up if I stretch my hands to strong or move them in a wrong way. I am completly paranoid about everything right now, but I think that’s kind of normal.   Thanks for the help and best regards! Anton
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