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Hey guys, i am excited to finally present to you a product i have been helping develope for the past 6 months! Here is the email i am sending out to shops and artists to get the word out. i have been testing these for the past few months now and they work awesome! If you are interested please get ahold of me and let me know. I will be able to send out samples after the 1st of February.

The purpose of this email is to introduce you to Ink Health (Ink Health) and our “Custom Tattoo Bandages” and services. We are the leading “Custom Tattoo Bandage” company in the United States. We align ourselves with the finest Tattoo Artists, Promoters, Shop Owners, and Distributers as partners to assist them with their “brand” recognition. Though the use of our custom bandages (put your LOGO, Design, Contact Information, Date and Time to Remove on a Transparent Polyurethane, Non-Allergic, Water Resistant, 100% Sterile, Surgical grade bandage). No more tape and Saran Wrap (i.e., nobody wants waded up Saran Wrap and tape hanging on their body with blood, lymph and tattoo ink pooled up 10 minutes after they get tattooed), rather you provide your client a healthy, securely fitted and clean bandage that says our “brand” is the BEST!

I am certain that you would agree with me that cross contamination is a real concern in our industry. The cost of providing your client a safe and healthy bandage that addresses this is priceless. We encourage our clients to roll the initial cost of the bandage into the price of the tattoo (i.e., the client pays for the bandage) and the cost of the bandages are 100% deductible as a business expense.

We look forward to partnering with you to develop a bandage for you or your shop. Let us put all your information, LOGO, Design, Color, Font on a bandage for you to use on your clients. We guarantee that this will “brand” you and your shop as something very special. You will have a walking talking billboard .

Our reputation for service is second to none; our entire staff stands to work with you and your staff to develop your “100% Customizable Bandage.” Please contact me at your earliest convenience should you have any questions 509-939-9993 ©.

Matthew Hamblin

Owner and Tattoo Artist

Boar's Head Tattoo Parlor

Spokane, WA

Ink Health, LLC

Sales Manager and Client

Spokane, WA


Ink Health

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Very interesting! I always thought there was a reason for using the plastic wrap instead of bandages, I've never been wrapped any other way myself. Congratulations on your new company.

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    • Tattooist's personalities vary just like the regular population, so how they might react is more known to you than us, assuming you've already had a personal consultation.  More than 9 times out of 10 you're drawing isn't even started 3 weeks in advance.  Go and visit the artist, if it's feasible - and express the above. E-mail should be a workable option, too. 
    • Hi  not sure if I'm hijacking a thread here ,newbie. Can anyone tell me the meaning of this tattoo . Very unusual. Thanks
    • Hi, I've got an appointment in 3 weeks time but I've been having thoughts about changing the design. I thought I was dead set on what I wanted but then I wasn't sure about size and placement as I thought I wanted it smaller but my initial design wouldn't look great smaller. I've just thought of another design that would work smaller. Also as this is a tattoo for my son I feel this new design is more indicative of our bond so I want to feel completely happy on a personal level that I choose a tattoo that reflects our bond best. Im just frustrated with myself that id never thought of this idea before as if I had, I would've gone with this rather than changing my mind. As a tattoo artist, would you feel annoyed about having to change design 3 weeks in advance? How likely is it that you would have drawn the original idea up this far in advance? Im happy to pay a bit more if she has already drawn it and therefore needs more time to redraw new design, ive already paid £100 deposit so not sure how much more generally I'd need to pay. I know every artist is different though.
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