Calling Female Tattooed Clinical Social Workers

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Good afternoon everyone. I received this email on a research project which is being headed and conducted by a staff I used to supervise for her thesis. If you or you know anyone who fits this please have them contact Caitlin. If you feel so inclined to print and place in your tattoo shop that would be cool too. Last I heard she was in the New York area though don't know if region plays a part in her research as technology could allow various locations both nationally and internationally to partake but that is her call.

It is obvious a practitioners visible tattoos play a role in the therapeutic process and alliance but throw in the variables of female, location, and the possibilities are intriguing. I know of no research on these subjects matters being conducted so the results could be useful as tattoos become more common in various careers. For those interested here is the link to the thread on our tattoo forum for "Visual Tattoos".

Thanks for helping out.



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Deb, haha, thanks!

Here are some relevant tattoo and work related threads that I forgot to include in the original post:

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Lastly, Caitlin emailed me and location does not matter for the research project so if you meet the above contact her.

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