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Hello LST. I recently moved to the west coast from South Dakota. In less densely populated states there are really no licsenses needed to practice the art, so anyone that can order a tattoo machine can set up shop. I have talked to a number of them, but they have been less than open about how to begin. I am 36 so I guess that I would be considered a non-traditional beginner, but I feel driven to learn this artform and I am looking to learn from people who aren't just trying to get a little scratch because they have the only tattoo machine in a town with no tattoo scene I guess.

A little history on myself. I was raised in an uber athletic household with a father who was my PE teacher, drivers ed teacher, football, basketball, and track coach. He instilled in us the belief and the confidence you need to survive. When I told him I wanted to learn this he simply said, "You're not gonna learn that here. You need to find them Trent, they dont find you."

Thats is what I am trying to do. If anyone has any advice for a beginning tattoo artist who is interested first and foremost in learning this artform, I am listening.

Be careful, I know asking about how to tattoo in this forum is both taboo and massively frowned upon.

If you are serious then I would find an artist in the style you appreciate most and do whatever necessary for a legitimate apprenticeship. I wish I remembered his name offhand, but a man saved his teaching salary for ages to take an apprenticeship in japan so he could properly learn. If so driven this may be your avenue

Since you came from an athletic family you know the concept of muscle memory, don't make bad scratcher habits muscle memory. Learn properly.

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