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Mick Weder

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Hey bud. Thanks for the kind words mate.

Use to frequent quite a few shows, not so many these days, but real keen to hit N Zed this year, then London for 2015.

Started getting tattooed by Cliffe Clayton back in the day at High Energy in Fortitude Valley...spent just as much time in the Shamrock Hotel directly across the road ;)

Pretty much out of space, so been creeping up extending the neck line & started hitting the hands.

Your in Sydney mate?

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G'day Mick, I have seen your back before somewhere probably in one of my magazines, really like your tattoos!

Got any future plans for work or are you already fully covered?

Who did your tattoos?

Cheers mate. Yeah, use to frequent a few shows but not so much these days. Pretty keen to hit the N Zed convention this November, then (fingers crossed) London for 2015.

Started out getting tattooed by Cliffe Clayton at High Energy in Fortitude Valley back in the mid 80's. I think we spent just as much time in the front bar of the Shamrock Hotel that was directly opposite ;).

Spent a few years travelling throughout the West, & one of my favourite shops was Bobby Thorton's, directly across from the Fremantle Workers Club, in Freo, on High street. Cheap cans of Bundy Rum always made for good sittings!

Pretty much all smashed in now bud...just started extending the neck line & working the hands & fingers. I like your front mate. Choice tattoo.

Thanks for the welcomes fellas.

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A little late to the party but welcome @mickweder. Your backpiece is insane! I love it! Give Brissy my love! I live/worked there for 3 months once and it positively ruined me for mangos, blueberries and meat pies. Seriously, I don't eat mangos anymore...they just don't taste the same. :(

All the best!

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