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Healed Tattoo Care


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I know it has been discussed how to protect your tattoo from the sun with clothing and sunscreen after it has healed BUT what about washing and moisturizing? I know these are regular things you do daily but do you still need to use the items your artist told you to use? (for me it was Dial Gold soap and Lubriderm-fragrant free)

I got my arm tattoo on the 29th of Dec, so it's been about 2 1/2 weeks. I still moisturize it, sometimes 2x a day. I am still using dial gold but on my back tattoo, I was with normal body wash and the shower hits it directly. I got the back one back around Halloween. I think my arm is about done. Sometimes it looks a little dry or linty but that could just be the dryness in the air. It doesn't itch or peel anymore.

When can I just shower and not worry about it soaking or hitting it directly and use normal soap? Also, should you always keep a fragrance-free lotion on it or can you use whatever moisturizer on it after it's healed?

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