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Mexican guy who loves tattoos

Bertil Sverdrup

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Hey guys! What's up?!

So let me tell you a little about me, I'm 27 yo, living in Mexico City. I work in a bank but I love tattoos! I would have loved to be a tattoo artist but I don't have the ability to draw so... I limit myself to just admiring them.

As of now I only have one tattoo, I finished it last May (It's the one in my profile pic), I got a dragon coming out of the water, evoking the moment when, according to the legend, the Koi fish reaches the top of the waterfall and stops being a fish to become one of the mightiest creatures in mythology, at least my favorite. I added some Kanji that represent some basic stuff that any person who wants to "become a dragon" and accomplish every goal set will need, the pilars of life, family, friends and an ideology.

So, right now I'm doing some research cause I want to get the other part of the legend that is a Koi fish swimming upstream, I want to get my whole calf covered in a very colorful vibrant tattoo. With a lot of water, flowers and the koi fish. And I'm trying to get a great artist to do it, especially someone who loves doing this kind of tattoos, I really don't care how long it takes or where the artist is or even how much it costs, I'll go over there and get it.

So thats my story...

I'm really excited to be part of this community... and I hope I can learn lots of things about tattoos from you guys!

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