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Hi from Surrey, BC


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Hey Everyone!

My name is Retta and I never thought I wanted a tattoo because a) I hate needles and b) I had a nasty reaction to some green colored pills I had to take which made me break out in BAD hives so I was convinced I did not want any ink on my skin at all. BUT then all my friends started getting tattoos as a way of expressing themselves and so it got me to reconsider. I have a good friend who's a professional tattoo artist and if I'm going to get a tatt for the first time, it'll be from him. He's even going to design me one.

Anyway, so my head is full of ideas for future ink I want to get. At the rate I'm going, my whole body will be covered :P Not a bad thing really haha. Anyway, I'm hoping to make some new friends here and learn more about tattoos and artwork. I used to love to draw so maybe this will kickstart me into coming up with my own designs :)

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You won't get much love for people working out of their houses. That is not professional, please do not get tattooed from someone working out of a house, there are plenty of good studios where you can get a safe and good piece of work.

Please don't take this the wrong way either, just trying to help you.

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