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New Guy, just here to learn some stuff :)

Guy BA Hons Richardson

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Hello tattooing community.

My name is Guy, 26 year old artist who is currently seeking out an apprenticeship to tattoo. I have a bunch of friends in the business who are unable to take me on while next year or so, but are able to observe my progress and teach me enough to get started on fake skins etc. I'm here to ask other professionals they're views and hopefully learn enough to benefit me on my apprenticeship (when i finally get one).

I am working on my portfolio, but here's some of my early artwork, feedback is welcome regardless of how old lol.


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I am working on my portfolio, but here's some of my early artwork, feedback is welcome regardless of how old

Gonna ignore everything wrong with the post for the moment and focus on this statement; don't start off with 'all I can show you is my early work'.

Sorry but nobody cares (by this I don't mean us here at LST) a whole lot about what you did years ago; impress someone with what you've been doing lately. If you have nothing recent to show then it doesn't seem like its a serious enough commitment to spend 200% of your extra time and money into a career.

On that note, I sense less of a passion and note of a 'business' perspective. That's the biggest fail of anyone trying to 'break into the business'. If you're not ready to live and die in the chair then it prob ain't for you. There isn't any retirement plan for tattooers; either you work until you're dead or you due from some fucked up social disease. You ready to smell people's dirty ass feet? Be a foot any from some gross stinking armpit sweat for 5 or 6?hours at a time? Breath in aerosoled blood all day? Lot less glamour than what's shown on TV.

Spend every free dime getting tattooed and every free moment drawing tattoos. Pastel portraits are nice but doesn't mean shit as far as basic tattooing. Get sleeves if you haven't already. Spend every dime at the shop. Best advice.

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