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Hey - From Scotland! x

Nikki Walker

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Hey guys,My names Nikki Walker.I'm 20 years old and LOVE tattoos! I'm currently on my 8th one - It's a back piece - Still to get shadowing done - Happening on Friday - Can't wait !

Came across this forum and was eager to join,seems like there is plenty of people who share a big love for tattoos - My type of place!

But yeah,Hey there ! :)

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Awww man,i'm still new here so bit slow at replying :( hahaha

- - - Updated - - -

Hey cltattooing - Thank you ! x

- - - Updated - - -

Hey Gregor,I'm from Gourock - Might not have heard of it - it's like a hour away from glasgow

well i've had a one tattoo done up in blancolo - my first one when i was 18..

Then rest have been done in greenock,Two of them have been done in a place called tattoo heaven

all my others have been done in P!nk ink - Gillian stone is the tattoo artist!

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Never ment to send.
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