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Hello from the UK


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I'm growltiger, 30-something, from the UK. It's cold and wet. I've been off work ill this week, and I've very much enjoyed browsing LST. There is a very pleasant vibe here, not like many other forums I've lurked on. I've also learned an awful lot! I should have taken notes ;-)

I have 3 tattoos, none great. When I was seventeen I snuck out of school and got a tribal squiggle off a wall on my hip. I still love it. Not for what it is, but for the memory. I'm still grounded, and my mum still refers to my bout of self-harm. I haven't told her about the other two...

I also have a hunab ku over my right kidney, which I chose after a trip of a lifetime around Peru. When I got married, I added floral mehndi up my side (from halfway down my bum to my bra strap). I'm going to refrain from posting photos if that is okay. I have none to hand and I recently had a baby... it aint pretty.

I had big plans for an across shoulder piece, but then fell pregnant before it came to anything. I still want to go ahead with something. This time I want to do it 'properly'. I plan on having another baby pretty soon so it'll be a while. But in the meantime, I have plenty of time to do my research.

If I was going to travel, which I probably won't, I'd pick Alice Carrier (Alice Carrier)

Given I'll probably go to someone in the UK, I'm thinking Lauren Gow (Lauren Gow - Tattoo Artist - Cheltenham No Regrets Studio - No Regrets) or Jody Dawber (Jody Dawber (jody_picturehouse) on Instagram | iPhoneogram). I *think* they all meet the 'good tattoo' criteria which I read in the thread on here- strong lines, solid colours, black but not too much, look like tattoos rather than wall art... Would you agree?

I'm looking forward to spending more time on LST. It seems a great source of advice and I love looking at all of your amazing tattoos. My son learned to say "tattoo" at nursery yesterday (one of the staff as flowers over her wrist), I took that as a sign I was meant to join ;-)

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I'm not sure! Just as I decide on one thing, something else takes my fancy. So many beautiful ideas out there, it is difficult to pick! I read the 'what makes a good tattoo' thread, and that has guided me a lot. I love the traditional roses, and I've found a really sweet Vargas pin up with a little wind up crocodile, but then I want something book related.... I don't know! I'm collecting images and I've plenty of time to plan.

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