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Hello from Nova Scotia Canada


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Hello everyone my name is Victor. I am from Nova Scotia Canada and am glad to be part of the global tattoo community, since the internet has no perceived borders, lol. I had joined a newly established local tattoo forum called Nova Scotia Tattoo Forum, which is great for local viewpoints and perspective and now I have joined this Tattoo Forum to get a more worldly feedback.

I really like what Scott Silvia said in one of his interviews about how the new era of the tattoo scene is destroying itself by greed and egotism, I think this is sadly true and I am happy an established figure is saying this fact out loud. His perspective is refreshingly honest and blunt.

I am a Tattoo enthusiast and Advocate who is concerned that the Tattoo scene will be run into the ground by the overabundance of leeches who are trying to cash in on the wonderful world of tattoo.

With the internet era there has been a wonderful global sharing of information on Tattoo, spawning some of the best tattoo artist and their work, but their is also a rush of tattoo supply and merchandise companies trying to push everything Tattoo. There are more terrible Tattooers than ever before because anyone can get set up with tattoo gear, tomorrow throw a sign on the door and call themselves Professional Tattoo Artist. This concerns me.

In the past there were problems sure, but there was also respect and a fear of stepping out of line that kept things in check with the fledgling modern electric tattoo scene, but today (especially the last 10 years) with all the TV shows and propaganda to sell, sell, sell there is an overabundance of unqualified, irresponsible, money grubbing, losers that have chosen to apply tattoos (an I use that term loosely) as their claim to fame.

I am tired of seeing crappy tattoos everywhere, on the naive (victims of their own ignorance).

The solution is public education and discourse so that we can discern the difference between quality Tattoos and the others. If the public stops paying these losers, they will move on to something else in life. The curious thing about a local Tattoo Forum is that you can see the who is participating and who is blatantly missing in a forum who sole purpose is to educate the public about good tattooers, there are those who do not want to be revealed for who they are, by a Tattoo Forum who’s Tag line is “Shedding Light on the Tattoo Scene of Nova Scotia”. Shedding light into the foggy Tattoo scene mired in mystery fantasy and meritless belief is a dangerous thing for those who have something to loose (by the public being educated). Lets call a spade a spade and recognize those who have talent from those who have not reached it yet

Anyway, glad to be part of this Tattoo community and look forward to sharing my views and participating.

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Welcome, Idealist!!

and please don't hold your breath.

Lol. Thank you for that, it was funny.

Every little bit towards education and information helps nudge the Tattoo Scene in the right direction, farther away from the clutches of the leaches who are ruining it for all of us.

Sincerely Idealist Victor...

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