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passive jay

Getting a tattoo fixed. looking for opinions.

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I have a dragon on the back of my forearm that I want to have fixed. The issue is that the tattoo was designed as a color piece but the guy that did my tattoo thought it could pull off doing it just with black... he was wrong.


sorry for the poor picture, its in a hard spot to take a picture.

I want to add color to it, the guy that has done my last few tattoos is great at color stuff.




So my question is what color/colors would you guys go with? Obviously I will go with what the artist thinks will look good but I want to have ideas in case he asks.

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Also based on your other posts you are near Detroit Michigan correct? I believe there is a tattoo convention happening in that area this weekend, I would check that out if you want to try to get some work from artists like Nick Colella or Chad Koeplinger.

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