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Analog Kolectiv Gallery Opening in SF?

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Is anyone going to this? There's an amazing list of tattooers that are supposed to participate.

It's on Thursday March 6th. I'm going to go to that then head back down south to catch the Perseverance exhibit in Los Angeles.

From Adrian Lee's Instagram. If you follow any of them you know how good this will be!

Today we officially announce the opening of the ATAK:SF creative workspace & gallery. To consecrate the space we are hosting an inaugural exhibition centered around the ubiquitous theme of rebirth. The event features over forty artists from around the globe. Good times anticipated.

@Adrianatak @andre_atak @beppestrambini @krakhouse @bryanburk @cbrandworks @Chadkoeplinger @codonnell_nyc @colinbaker @claudiadesabe @dansmithism @Danielalbrigo @Dillonforte @guyaitchisonart @Drew_stateofgrace @cathedraloftears @stateofgracetaki @mitomo_horihiro @horitomo_stateofgrace @joeldlong @bangganji @inmatattooartist @jeffrassier @jimmineratak @jondix @Julianzeff @klem1891 @kevin_leblanc @classicjuan @Mattshamah @maxdolberg @tonydegrazia @ladywilson @mutsuo3t @giantrebel8 @isaacnichols @nami_chang @therealericjones [MENTION=777]LetitBleed[/MENTION]sf @natebanuelos @sumeki @Timothyhoyer @redletter1 @sethwoodtattoo @ronearhart @scsylvia @Shawndbarber @Thomas_hooper_tattooing @timhendricks @timlehi @kimsaigh @Timothyhoyer @Toby2thumbs @Jillbonny @downtownoakland Freddy Corbin, Chris Brand, Adam Barton, Marcus Pacheco, Titine Leu, Mike Davis, Filip Leu


Thursday, Mar 6th

7pm 'till late


1038 Larkin St

SF, CA 94109


See you there!


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It was great seeing everyone at the show tonight! It was an amazing show, as well, for those who are still thinking of going.

Indeed! Not only did I get to see you and @cltattooing, but I got to see your killer new piece by her.

It was great meeting @hw1776, @Hands On, and @bugxjuice, too. Oh, and the space and artwork were mindblowing.

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Indeed! Not only did I get to see you and @cltattooing, but I got to see your killer new piece by her.

It was great meeting @hw1776, @Hands On, and @bugxjuice, too. Oh, and the space and artwork were mindblowing.

it was definitely nice to meet everyone! sorry I couldn't chat as much, since I was keeping my buddy company as he perused the art.

the show:

by the time I got there, folks who had already seen the art had overflowed to the sidewalk, where they were lit up by the lights of the shop/studio/space or whatever they would like to call it. if you haven't already checked out Adrian Lee's instagram, you should. there are photos of the epic gateway into the space.

the art show was like most others, except the music filling the room was from a live pianist playing stuff a bit cooler than you hear at Nordstrom. I made a couple passes around the art before I met @MadeIndelible who was already chatting with @bugxjuice. I heard that it might be an open bar, so I went to confirm and was helped to a Moscow mule. I made another round, my buddy got there, and I treated him to a round at the bar and took a closer look at the art with him.

the art:

amazing, as expected. I'm not sure how long it will be up, but if you're in the area and it's up, you should definitely check it out. be sure to take a look around the entire space. there's a few little gems here and there. within feet of the entrance is work by Freddy Corbin, Jondix, Tim Lehi, and Chad Koeplinger... good way to start a traffic jam.

There’s a few pieces in there that just made me stop, stare, and appreciate the work. The entire time, I was considering how each related to the theme of rebirth.

- I always love seeing Chad’s work in watercolor, since it’s so different from his style of tattooing, but of course still very much his style.

- Horitomo had little great Monmon Cat piece, of course… killing it.

- Timothy Hoyer has detail that makes you basically have to put your nose on the glass… I imagine the brush he used had about 3-4 strands of hair touching the paper… on some single needle shit.

- Adrian Lee’s piece is straight up OCD. Basically the same exact image 6 times, rotated, exactly the same, almost line for line. Nuts.

- There was one piece that left a lasting memory in my mind. I later brought it up with my buddy and he definitely remembered it too… said he looked at it, wanted to look at it longer, but also wanted to stop looking at it at the same time. It was sort of a modern day take on the ouroboros, but with a dude instead of a snake… and instead of eating his tail… well… you could imagine why my buddy wanted to stop lookin at it. very tasteful. ;)

I wasn’t sure if photos were allowed. I saw a guy with nice DSLR taking photos and I asked him if he was hired or if anyone can take pics. He said he had no idea and he definitely wasn’t hired, but no one was stopping him. So have a pretty good set of pics… not all inclusive. Next question is, do we think it's cool to post ‘em here?

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It was a pleasure to have met you @hogg ! Had a great time chatting, and realized what a small world it is sometimes. I drove by the place later at night, and it was quite amazing to see the closed gate/entrance, with no one standing in front, but with the light from inside beaming out.

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