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fix or cover-up?

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I'm just super glad that we worked it out and she was able to fix it for me. It's not a "perfect" tattoo, but it appeals to me in its own weird, funny way. I'm the kind of person who digs things others might consider low-quality, like ratty bikes or beat-up old furniture. This might be a super low rent, ratty black star but dammit, it's MY super low rent, ratty black star :p

P.S. Even sometimes with a good artist, not every tattoo comes out perfect. In case the artist who did it ever reads this, I'm NOT dissing you. You did your best and I completely respect that. I don't think this tattoo is ratty or low rent. I used those words to turn up my nose at any "potential" snobs who may not accept this as a "good" tattoo. Not every tattoo has to be technically perfect to have an appeal. And the way I see it, if the tattoo appeals to the person wearing it, that's all that matters. All the tattoo elite can say anything they want. You're a very good artist, and I'll defend your work no matter what. And I really do like this star.

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    • Heres 3 that have tattooed me recently (ish) and are selling stuff (I've put in orders to Elharper and Swearjar- Ben is doing Vans) - UK based of course. And... Ive attached a 3 years (give or take a month) photo of one of my magpies by Mr Dunning  - just done on the right - today on the left - yes I know it's the wrong way round Actually  - while none of us is getting tattooed - how about a pic of your favourite that you have had inked  (or favourites that you have had inked) and a link to Instagram for the artist  (or artists) what do you reckon?🙂
    • My appointments with Garver and Rubendall were cancelled. Blah. That being said, I do have a cool commission happening. 🙂
    • Just get it touched up again.
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