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Hello ladies and gents alike :)


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Hi everyone, introduction time!

My name is Esther, 19 years old, proud owner of only 1 tattoo at the moment, and currently spending day to day life in Ireland.

I came to this website to share my enthusiasm for tattoos with artists and admirers alike.

Although I currently only have one tattoo and my second one planned for a to be determined date (read: money issues)

I also admire the art of tattooing and wish to inspire myself by talking to others who obviously share this passion.

I have a small portfolio in the making which doesn't include a lot of proper stuff yet. (Rather, it has a bunch of random scribbles)

My hopes are that I can get inspired through everyone's words and pictures and train my skills even further.

I guess that is all I have to say for now, below you will find a picture of the tattoo that prides slightly above my left breast.


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Thanks for the welcomes everyone :)

I mainly work with the old pencil and paper machine and I'm currently exploring japanese styles and pin up.

My favorite tattoo styles to toy with are rockabilly themed and pin up tattoos.

Having only lived here since September, I still find it mildly amusing that they call Lim. stab city :)

Looking forward to chatting with you lot!

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