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Travelling to NYC spring 2014

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Hey! So my mom and her choir are singing at Carnegie Hall this spring (rad!) and I'm coming along to be there with her for this major accomplishment, and to spend some time in the Big Apple. We'll be there May 31st through June 5th. I won't be working, but I do intend on checking out some of the incredible shops located within the city, and see some of the better things that NYC has to offer. If anyone would like to meet up and get dinner/beer/whatever, let me know!

Also, I've gotten a few suggestions as to the fun non-touristy things to check out in the city, but would love some more suggestions.

I am contemplating bringing stickers/prints/originals with me if anyone wants anything while I'm in town.

Cheers y'all!

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Me and my lady just got our tickets to NYC for June 3rd thru 11th. I want to spend a day checking out some shops and get tattooed. I've never been out there before, I'd be stoked on some suggestions for shops to check out. My only plan is to get tattooed at Smith St. and skate around.

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@CABS @MadeIndelible It'll be June 29th through July 5th. We definitely need hangage. I'll start one of those fandangled threads soon.

- - - Updated - - -

Yeah actually I need to get tattooed by Mark Cross. That's a thing that needs to happen.

(calling the shop tomorrow?)

That or Chuck. Chuck is a real nice fellow.

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If you are interested in some tattoo history then hit Brooklyn and stop by and get tattooed by Mike Perfetto and even Tony Polito is tattooing again (for now) on Saturdays!

Smith Street is a definite need to stop by as well!

Many good shops and awesome tattoo artists.......you'll have a blast!

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If you are truly interested in getting something from Tony Polito let me know and I can put you in touch with him! To get tattooed by Mike Perfetto you need to show up early and put your name on his list.....I think he starts tattooing around 2-3 in the afternoon but the list goes up earlier and you put your name on it! As long as you are there when your name is called then you don;t get bumped....LOL

It's a cool experience to be tattooed by both of these gentlemen! :)

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