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Hi everyone!


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Hi! My name is Novi, I'm from a small town in Wisconsin. I joined this because it is so hard to find people who know what they're talking about when it comes to tattoos, and I would love to have an opportunity to get some real info. But I guess I should tell you about myself first!

I'm 19 and work at a chiropractic office, which makes my newest tattoo a little difficult lol. (Its a saguaro blossom on my forearm). I love the outdoors, hate winter, have a cat named Al and a puppy named Bella who are my life! Oh and a boyfriend, he's alright lol.

I'm not sure what else to really say but it's nice to meet everyone, and thank you for letting me join!

My question; I just got my tattoo yesterday and it burns so very badly every so often, and it very red, almost bruised. The profile picture is a photo of it, you will see the red, the tattoo is just grey and black ink. I'm sure that is fine though and that's not my question. I found some all natural lotion at my work, and I mean it is ridiculously all natural and healthy. I forgot my aquafor at home, which is usually what I use for healing tattoos.

Anyways, this lotion is called Premier Hand and Body Lotion, it's not very popular so I doubt anyone has really heard about it. here is a link to its page if anyone cares to look into it;

Hand and Body Lotion Premier (4 fl oz) [3610] : Premier Research Labs

Basically it's just very healthy. When I put it on my tattoo it burned like dry skin does with lotion, Im sure that's normal but I was wondering if I should keep using this natural healthy lotion, or if it is a bad idea.

thanks everyone, and once again nice to meet you all!;)

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Welcome! From what I can see in the picture the tattoo looks fine and I'm sure the lotion is no problem. The biggest piece of advice I can give you with the new tattoo is to LITFA: Leave it the Fuck Alone! Let your body heal.. don't sit there at the sink and wash it ten times a day and then slather it in lotion -- your body will heal up just fine on its own. I usually do a thin layer of lotion once a day. It's gonna hurt and be red for at least another few days but in a week's time you should start to see it peel and flake a little bit and then might get itchy -- this is when the lotion comes in handy. Just be patient and you should be good to go!

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