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Salutations from SF!


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Ian from Castro Tattoo, SF, CA, here. I'm the manager of this fine establishment, and just wanted to take a moment to introduce the shop. I think our mission statement sums it up pretty nicely:

At Castro Tattoo, we strive to bring all clients a clean, fun and relaxing environment for your next tattoo or piercing. Owner Hannah Wolf has tattooed all over the United States and the world; won multiple awards, been published in books and magazines and aspires to bring that experience to local and visiting clients. Castro tattoo has served the neighborhood for over 14 years; providing a unique quality in the heart of the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. We have many talented artists on staff, ready to help conceptualize your next tattoo or piercing vision. Our artists range in all styles, bringing diversity and excellence every day. We have a full service piercing studio, offering only the highest quality jewelry. At Castro tattoo we check our egos at the door and let the quality of our work speak for itself.

So yeah, come on in and say 'hi'! I'm the scruffy guy at the front!

-Ian @ Castro Tattoo


Tattoo By Owner Hannah Wolf

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Tattoo by Jared Cofield

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Welcome to LST. That wolf/woman rib piece is nice, and I love that snake.

I lived in the Castro for 9 years, btw. I'm up in Noe now, but still pretty close.

Thanks so much for the love! We love the Castro - come stop in soon!

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Tattoo by Frank McManus

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Hello from sometimes I'm in SF! ;p

Welcome to the board!

Hi, thanks for the welcome!

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Tattoo by Victor Trujillo

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