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Looking for inspiration to finish up my tattoo


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I'm three sessions in on my second tattoo. Here's what it looks like today (beer and clouds done just last night)--click the pix to biggify:

Nc4mFDXm.jpg CQ9kcoJm.jpg LlMW7tom.jpg

I'm totally in love with it. I can't get over how amazing the beer glass and octopus look.

I also dig the way the clouds frame the ship, sort of like the twisted rope in many nautical tattoos. Where I need the inspiration is finishing it off. My artist feels like it needs something to frame the lower part. He's thinking lightning bolts like this, but thinner:

aj6ofmwm.jpg YAZ7Y7Gm.jpg

But I'm honestly not feeling that. I'm having trouble envisioning anything down there that wouldn't detract from the main image, which I want to be the star of the show.

Any reference pix or suggestions to get the creative juices flowing would be much appreciated.

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