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Hi My Name's Josh


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Hey Everybody,

My name is Josh. I live in Los Angeles county but I am originally from Philadelphia. I am a former U.S. Marine, now I am working on my PhD in History and currently teaching at community colleges. I think tattoos are both good and bad, like many things in life. I believe it is our right to be able to put what we want on our bodies, however, I think we should all think carefully and plan before doing such. In my military days I was too "live in the moment" and now have two tattoos that are not terrible but not great either and do not have any real significance.

I joined here to get advice on how I should go about finding a tattoo artist who has the right skills needed to preform a cover up on my specific tattoos (different cover ups require different skill-sets) and to show case some of my good friend's tattoo artwork he sends me from prison. I'll post my tattoos when I write enough posts to start a new thread. Looking forward to meeting great people on here.


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Welcome to LST. No need to start a new thread. There's a gallery for each user that you can upload pictures too, or you can post them directly or as attachments in this thread.

As for finding a tattooer, it depends on what style you want. Spotlight Tattoo in LA is a great place to start for traditional tattoos. Also, depending on how dark your current tattoos are, you may want to have a few laser sessions before you tattoo over them.

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