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Hey guys, great site. Kinda new to tattoos, (45 y/o) and got my first last summer and another in the fall. I'm Irish and trying to stay with a Celtic/ irish theme. I have a celtic cross on my right shoulder which I wish was more out to the right so I'm looking for some ideas on what to do with that. I also have a Triquetra on my Left shoulder with my sons birth dates in them. It could be bigger and I'm looking to put something possibly around it, but not sure what. When I'm able, I'll post pics to get ideas. Glad to be here!!

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I think that usually it's best to get more tattoos rather than trying to add to existing tattoos. Are you familiar with Colin Dale? His tattoos are more along the lines of Viking tattoos, though there's obviously a crossover with Celtic art there, but I could see something like what he does appealing to you.

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