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My boyfriend Stewart found this really cool new website that's only jus started. It's run by a couple of guy, one that we know and works with Ian Flower so should hopefully carry on heading in the right direction!

Old Ink is the latest project from Mister Fudge and Stephen Kelly that strives to pay homage to the masters and pioneers of the tattoo industry, in which they have decided to share their collected images of classic tattoo art, crediting the original artists, and in turn giving young tattoo fans an insight into the history of the art. Some of the images posted are taken by Mister Fudge and Stephen Kelly, of people they meet, any place, any time, brought together by their shared passion for tattoos. The subjects of the photos themselves are usually always willing to share and so the images posted come with the stories behind them hand in hand, in this exciting fresh new look at an old but never more relevant art.

Their passion to document classic tattoo art grows from the young artists’ shared respect for their predecessors and the need to share with others the artwork that has inspired and astounded them. In an age of mass consumerism, and everything being readily available at a competitive price it is important for these young tattooists to cherish the haphazard beauty in older tattoo work and to strive to produce the same qualities that make them unique in tattoos today.

The aim of this project is to broaden the minds of young tattoo fans towards classic tattoo artwork, to give the creators of the tradition the gratitude they deserve and to share the stories of generations of tattoo art lovers with like minded people.

Please feel free to send us photographs, stories or old artwork and we will post it for you!

Old Ink | A pictorial archive of tattoos and artwork from the past

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    • That's super! Great contrast.  Love the commitment, too. 
    • I like it!  Roses would work really nice. Ferns?  Sextant? Tools? Engine? Close-up of a Scarab or other bug?
    • Hey guys, Reviving the full back piece experience thread. So I had never been tattooed before and last year I decided to dive in for my first one and begin my traditional Japanese full back, (cause if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly right 😂) The tattooer is Matt Collins at Unseen in Adelaide. I know I don’t have anything to compare it to, but having read this thread I know what you all say about full backs is 100% true, it is damn hard work. We’ve just completed all of the background and that last session shading in rocks over the tailbone was definitely brutal. About 20 ish hours in I think. I love the finished product though, and can’t wait to see the cranes and leaves once we get into those, mostly black and grey with some red on leaves and cranes heads, haven’t decided on the omamori design yet.  
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