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Hello from the United Kingdom:


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Hello there,

I'm not normally one to write about myself so I'll do my best to keep it basic. The names Sean, currently situated within the United Kingdom. Came across Last Sparrow Tattoo a little while back, this time however I decided to join up. My Hobbies and Interests more or less involve Photography, Graphics Design, Body Art and the like. I'm currently in the process of having some work done to my left arm. The line work is completed - around five hours to complete. The colouring will take around the same amount of time as well, which I'm getting done in April time, so I'll post some photographs of the complete piece then. Once that's all nicely healed - I'm planning on getting the right arm done as well (concept designs for the tattoo are currently in the works). I'm generally a calm and social character. Anyway, that's pretty much the basics covered. Anything else you'd like to know, just shout!



Line work photograph 01.

Line work photograph 02.

Line work photograph 03.

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