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We're all mad here...in Ontario


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Hellcat here from Ontario, Canada. Been thrown into a tattoo filled world since I was a young lass, 7 years old is when I was introduced to a shop. I would hope that most would realize that I was not personally receiving ink at that age. Years have passed and my body is only marked by 4 tattoo's of yet, 2 which are still incomplete at the moment.

Not sure what else to say really.

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My upper back has been through one sitting, line work completed. Batman on a gargoyle over looking Gotham, is being completed by a small town artist Randy Crossen at Daddy's Electric. Lower back (tramp stamp which I ended up finding out post completion, had half the stencil wiped out and he finished freehand, which made me regret it highly.) I don't want to say who because he has since gotten out of the situation I was unaware of which made highs work shit.

My heart on my chest was done by an extremely talented artist, Ryan Miranda who is now working at Forever Young Ink in Toronto.

My Koi on my lower leg was done by a man Who goes by Dave, who works at Second too None.

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