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New...kinda. From Minnesota

Placebo Jesus

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Hey all, I've been lurking here for about three years, finally needed some advice and realized I had to join in order to solicit it. I've only been getting tattooed for a few years, and I'm still fairly young with (23) with a good amount of real estate left! Hopefully some traveling will be on the docket soon. While I'm introducing myself I might as well get to the advice asking. I've been chipping away at my torso for about a year, and while the tattooing on my stomach (below the nipple) has healed perfectly with the method I found on this site (overnight bandage, straight to lotion used sparingly), my entire chest likes to break out, like real bad. As a result, even after being lined, relined, shaded and reshaded (FUCKING OUCH) on my chest, the tattoo looks faded and old. Lines and black aren't crisp. My tattooer (reputable) and the folks at his shop (Leviticus in Minneapolis) have all said they're puzzled by it. I'm willing to take a new aftercare approach, in the end I just want a clean, bold tattoo (I've got an eagle on my chest, and it deserves to look badass). Any advice would be coveted.

Aside from that, it's a pleasure to join the family, I plan to be posting regularly, especially if I get the chance to travel and collect like some of the lucky fuckers I've seen on this forum. And if anyone has any recommendations for artists in MN who kill the traditional game, let me know. I'm familiar with the crew at the Aloha Monkey, just haven't made it down because I have to finish this horribly healing chest first. This has been a long enough winded intro, glad to be here!


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