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I need ink damn it!

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Just puttin it out der. Im a 34 year old chef in socal and sad to say a clompletely blank canvas. Ive alwas wanted a ink but past crap(employers) have held me back. Im tired of waiting, i know what i want, but because of unrelated BS im flat broke. Im lookin for an artist that not only has the skill and is willing to bust my tat cherry and do it right. Ive had chances in the past but doubted a totally high dude in a garage could do it justice. Again i wish i had fundage but ifa you are a artist whos willing to hook me up and give me my first taste of ink just for the sake of the art hit me up. I cant offer $$$ but if you want i can offer my skills as a world class chef lol (i could cater a event for free or just cook you the best damn meal u ever had artist to artist. If u r interested email me(seanismaximus@OUTLOOK.COM) or HMU on FB same name (two words).Thanx for readin.

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I'll try to put this as nicely as possible: asking for free tattoos is not a good look. If you can't afford good tattoos, do what the rest of us did and make that a priority. It may take time to save up enough to get something good, but it's worth it. Definitely not easy, as most of us can attest, but you'll be glad you did. Good luck.

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