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Howdy from Texas!


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Hello everyone! I am just now getting the ink bug after breaking an unintentional 13-year tattoo hiatus last week. I am not sure why I waited so long...now in my early thirties, I regret not having my coveted Japanese-style half sleeve by now. I am also encountering much grief from my wife, who despite being normally very open-minded, hates tattoos. She has been giving me grief relentlessly ever since I got the new piece done (and for the month or so after the initial booking but prior to the appointment). Once I hit my ten post mark, I think I will probably lead off with a thread seeking advice on how to deal with that.

I also enjoy beer, good music, long walks on the beach, and rebelling against the aging/maturing process. :)

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Welcome, you should post pictures of your tattoos.

No need to start a new thread seeking advice - check out this thread, this topic has been discussed pretty in depth so maybe you will find good advice in there, or just feel free to post in that thread. Reviving old threads rather than starting new ones, especially for broad advice topics like yours, is preferred around here.

Where in Texas are you located? Lots of great tattooers in that state.

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