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Bizzaro products aka 'wtf that shit is crazy, open up an eBay page'


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Occasionally I see something that just baffles me in nature as to someone's ingenuity or amazes me that a room full of marketing people agreed that ___ product or ad is suitable.

I think I have to get one of these just for the sake of putting on my phone immediately prior to going into the grocery store or airport. I don't even really know anything about manga or care but this is pretty damn funny. Sorry ladies please don't be offended.

Don't scroll down if there's a nsfw issue; no nudes but might not be work safe



Need this to say this thread might wind up with a lot of pictures from Japanese vending machines.

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My buddy Mark is in a band called Insolence who makes it to Japan regularly to perform, they are famous out there. He was walking by a vending machine and got me a bobble head...of himself. It was pretty amazing. You can literally find anything in a Japanese vending machine. Crabs, Video Games, hell, I bet you can find a tattoo machine in one. It's ridiculous.

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