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hello! this is my introduction and as its spring and the shops are getting busier and busier i will try and keep it short and to the point.

my name is York Sandifer, i have been tattooing just barely over 5 years and in that time i have spent the last 3 on a mission to circle the planet headed west while tattooing. i have had one hell of a time since, tattooed all over: Asia, Europe, Africa and the UK. its been a ridiculous ride and i have more stories than i really know what to do with. we are all so blessed to have tattooing in our lives, where camaraderie is built into our skin. i am blessed more than most with the adventures i have experienced.

i love tattooing lettering and traditional stuff, i started as a straight street shop tattooer and i stay as close to those roots as i possibly can. i love flash, i love walk in tattoos and drawing shit quick.

soon i am headed back to the states after 3.5 years on the road. gonna be quite a shock to the system, I'm plan on trying to connect with new shops and people as i cross from east to west over land. I'm headed to NYC by freighter ship on the 24th of may and will be looking for short term work to help me finish my circumnavigation from mid june on the east coast.

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    • No you can't "fix" it and it didn't move. It's ink under your skin, it doesn't move. Calm down and think! Don't tell everyone you know how much it sucks because no one will notice except you anyway. It's not on a piece of paper! Your skin moves and as your skin moves, the ink embedded in your skin will move. That's a nice tattoo. If I was a Tattooer and someone gave me grief about that I'd tell them to take their business elsewhere.
    • it looks fine, let it heal for 4 to 6 weeks , when you are breathing, moving, trying to get a pic, it's going to look off, crooked, whatever, it's on a human  body ! relax, like I said, it looks great. it looks  straight to me.
    • Hello  So 3 days ago i got done my tattoo. All seemed fine till today. I removed the tattoo protection sticker and i noticed its uneven! In my opinion its not written in one straight line. What annoys me the most is the last word ‚heart‘. Its so off the line and now i dont know what to do! Can i fix that or will it go back into line when healed? Please help me out.. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0DPNH-Sr9T7knIxZQWeSrMx-A
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