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San Francisco July 2014

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Hey guys. Well, it's about time. I'm coming out to San Francisco this summer. I just booked my flight. Flying out on Monday, June 30th and leaving the 5th of July.

So far, I'm planning on going to Blackheart, FTW in Oakland, and hopefully others. I'll be traveling with my friends and acquaintances. My pal Chris, Dustin Golden (Deluxe Tattoo), and Bunny (Rising Tide Tattoo). I know they already have appointments lined up at Blackheart. Needless to say it's a motley crew.

But, that said, a lot of you fine folks live out there, and I sure would like to meet those of you that are so inclined. We can discuss all that radness here I suppose.

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Let us discuss UGK in person.

Are you booked in anywhere?

I would love to talk about Pimp C, Bun B, and even Short Dog, the real Short Dog, in person.

I haven't booked in yet. The last time I talked to Scott, he said he was booking out about two months, so I will try to get in with him. But let's face it, I'd be happy getting tattooed by anyone in the shop.

Hopefully I'll know more soon. I'm still booking rooms, etc. Do you guys have any advice on where I should look for hotels? There are a gazillion options online, and I'd like to find something near good things, but still reasonably affordable.

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I'm still working on figuring out getting tattooed. The homey Nick Rodin might be taking some time off and Mr. Sylvia will actually be on the east coast. My pal who is traveling with me is going up to Portland on the Tuesday of that week to get tattooed by Jef Whitehead, so I think I'm going to pop down to Oakland that day. Let's hang y'all.

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