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Excited to find a tattoo community!


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What's up everyone ? Happy to be here an meet some fellow people involved in this tattoo society. I'll introduce myself as Mandy. I'm 21 and I've just moved to Las Vegas from California... Bring on the heat!

Well I've been getting tattooed ever since my "secret behind-my-parents-back" Chinese symbol tattoo at 16. And then went on to tattooing my entire back with a guy who would tattoo a minor and I'm sure we ALL know how that turned out... I did learn my lesson tho putting my trust and love for tattoos in to a friend of mine who had been tattooing for fun for years. I allowed him to tattoo a Hendrix portrait on my thigh and well, it ended up being one of the best Hendrix portraits I've yet to see, especially considering it was his second black and grey portrait. He has now moved on to winning many first place portraits and is an expert is black and grey and color portraits. (David hamburg)

Becoming friends with my artist today is really what launched me into this tattoo world. I was blessed to be in the right place at the right time, asking for the right piece from the right artist. Coty vondrachek created an amazing Indian girl thigh piece and there I went traveling the US to conventions and showing his work. During those years I grew an incredible love for this industry, understanding the history and dedication that created what it is today. I was lucky enough to me my boyfriend at ink n iron two years ago, a true traditional artist and machine builder, and have learned a great deal about machines and tattooing itself. I don't plan to tattoo professionally myself but it's always fun to buy apoundofflesh and screw around with some ideas.

Today at 21, I stand with 3/4 of my body covered with random ideas, personal memories, and artists creations. I deal with the normal stares, gasps, and judgmental jokes and comments but part of me enjoys it and I'm sure some of you can agree to this that tattoos help ward people off that you shouldn't be associating with in general. I'm not one for people judging others, so if you run away when you see me, I'll wave you goodbye ;)

I'm not sure what else to say here, but I am glad to be meeting fellow tattooed individuals. Currently healing my calf, need more Advil! lmaooo

xxo Amanda

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