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Need Opinions! On finalizing my tattoo


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Ok I'm going to get my tattoo done this coming Tuesday.

Most of the tattoo is designed. He asked me if I wanted something on the inside of my arm. I do cause I want a full half sleeve. My tattoo is kind of old roman statue baroque styling. Its some Bernini sculptures depicting a battle between heaven and hell. We may not even be able todo the inside of my arm cause he's already doing this work is one sitting. He suggested putting a skull on the inside of my arm, but I didn't really like that idea cause I don't think it fits the style of tattoo. He's really good at skulls and can get them done quickly so I think that's why he suggested that. I'll upload the sketches of what I'm getting done.

I need some opinions of what you guys think would look good on the inside of my arm? That would go well with what I'm getting already. Maybe something he can get done quicker?

Thanks in advance!



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I agree with @Zillah and think that you should wait and think about it. It looks like there's plenty of work to do as it is, so sit on it for a bit, talk with your tattoo artist about it when you're getting tattooed and figure it out from there. Like @BrianH said, everybody should have a skull tattoo, but you don't need it on the inside of your arm right now.

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