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new here!

David Cornelius

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hey guys and gals, I'm David. I'm new to the whole tattoo world I've only got 2 at the moment but have become totally addicted!! everyone used to tell me once i started i won't stop and they couldn't be more right haha.

i live in the great state of texas in the DFW area, I'm honestly not really sure what else to put on here so yeah...haha

- - - Updated - - -

also i was wondering if any of you guys could help me come up with ideas to add onto my arm.

so far i have a dead tree on the inside of my forearm to represent the circle of life that when there is death there will be birth. i got that thought because trees "die" every year and come back to life every year. i need help coming up with what else to add!

it also has the quote

"Why should I fear death?

If I am, then death is not.

If Death is, then I am not.

Why should I fear that which can only exist when I do not?"

any ideas of what would fit the theme?

for some reason the picture didn't work on the first post, hopefully this will work :D


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