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Ankle tattoo red when I stand up...

Jennifer Carr

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Hello friends...I've talked to my artist and been to see the doctor but wanted to see if any of you have experienced this...

On April 5th I got an anchor tattoo right above my left inner ankle. It is healing beautifully...except for the fact that when I stand or walk the tattoo looks red around it and when I elevate my leg it looks totally normal and all the redness goes away. It is not warm to the touch, is not oozing etc.

My artist had never seen anything like that and my doctor thinks that due to the location and blood flow that it's possible I have some vascular damage...she thinks it may take a month to heal...has anyone else ever heard of this?

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Things on the lower leg tend to heal slower for some people, I think it may take a bit longer and you'll be fine.

I have vascular damage on my right lower leg from an old gunshot wound. Everything is slow to heal from ink to bug bites. I was told I may need a vein transplant or something else done down the road.


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