Recommendation for shops in Amsterdam/Copenhagen

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Hi all, we're strongly considering heading back to Amsterdam in Oct and making shooting up to Copenhagen for a few dats after that.

Any artists/shops in particular that I should look out for.

I've gotten some work from slim Anh Nguyen in a Salon Serpant and may go back there again (although I believe Kim is finishing there soon?).

I also like the look of Admiraal Tattoo in Amsterdam. Any others in the Dam worth checking out?

Haven't looked yet at shops in Copenhagen, any suggestions?

Mainly looking for strong trad work.



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Kim Anh Nguyenis down in Eindhoven now - about 1 1/2 hours on the train. Marcus Kuhn in Eindhoven for the while too. You might like Bob Geerts work too, he's in Breda which is closer to Amsterdam. Worth looking at Blue Blood Studios which is actually in Amsterdam. Dutch trains are very good and not expensive.

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Salon Serpent in Amsterdam is a great shop. Matt Houston is working there now, I love his stuff. Got a piece from him last year and is a nice dude.

I love Lins Stigsson's work too, if I go back, I'd like a piece from her

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