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Hey guys, Sam from Otautahi Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand, here! we're an upmarket studio based in New Zealand's biggest City and having recently opened a secondary shop in New Zealand's tourist hot spot, Queenstown. we originated in Christchurch city in 2008 and worked from there for three years through to the 2011 earthquakes that ruined our beautiful city. from here we made the move to relocate to auckland to keep our base in New Zealand. we've been operating for a further three years since having opened here in Auckland and in november of last year, 2013, we opened our second studio in Queenstown! our auckland studio has just had our realism artist, black and grey and color, have a change of circumstances and is now leaving us earlier than was expected and has opened up the potential for taking on another full time, experienced black and grey and color realism artist to our team.

being based in Auckland New Zealand you will need to either live here, or be willing to move here to be able to work this spot so please get in touch with us with any inquiries regarding this thread, or if you know of anyone to refer us onto that would be greatly appreciated!


Otautahi Tattoo | Premier Auckland Tattoo Studio – 155 KRD

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Hey Zillah, we would if we were allowed to post from there just now! haha new to the whole forum base and just starting out so thanks for the advice!


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hey cheers for that mate! just new to this and needing the three days to pass and the 10 posts before we can get into posting up threads from there! thanks for the nudge in the right directin though bud!


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