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Hello everyone,

Really nice to join the community here! I am looking for some advice and was wondering if this was a good place to get it. Hope thats okay! I have three smaller tattoos which I am very happy with and one that could use some help. It's a stick n poke. It's pretty simple, just 2 triangles on my wrist made up of dots. I love it, because I am obsessed with triangles, but I want to add to it and make it more noticeable and am not sure how to do that. I will share a photo if anyone shows any interest in helping me on this. So thanks in advance! I am basically just looking for some ideas to help make this sad tattoo better, whether it be going with the dotting theme or turning it into something more mainstream.



- - - Updated - - -

Also, I am 23, and living in Los Angeles working in post production. There's a tattoo shop on every corner and many are world renowned so you can imagine my struggle to control myself here. Small tattoos are my thing, I like having unique treasures all over that people don't usually notice. I realize that I am probably a minority here because of that but my love for tattoos and art is a huge part of me. Tattooing is also a passion of mine, although I have minimal experience and little time to commit to it, I hope to improve later in life. Thanks again for taking time to visit this thread!

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Thank you! @gougetheeyes

I have not talked to an artist yet no, I probably will soon but I just wanted to see what ideas I could get from a forum first. I am looking to add to it, make it larger, and cleaner. It was really just a spur of the moment kind of thing and now I am trying to make something of it.


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