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I'm Nate, 24 years old and I'm just another guy who loves tattoos. Unfortunately I lack good artistic views haha. Here is my issue I'm hoping someone can help me with before I go to my artist. There will be about a 4 inch gap of nothingness between the tattoos I cant figure out what to put in between to till the skin. I was thinking maybe a rose or two and some shading but not sure if I want "colored" roses and black and gray may not fit with the Seahawks tattoo color and the color of the piece I will have on my forearm. Cant put it on my other arm as that space is covered. Hope someone can help! Thanks fellas!

I have this on my upper arm (on my shoulder) if you couldn't tell



I plan to get something like this on my forearm. Of course the colors and dragon will be different but you get the idea.


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Welcome dude! First, get a better dragon than that dude, :D Second, if you're going for coverage for the whole arm, I'm sure you work around it with wind bars ("shading") and whatnot. Also, is anything on your other arm? You may wanna start with a clean arm for something so big and save your 'hawks arm for the smaller, one shot tattoos. Either way, good luck dude!

(Also, here's some work from Shige just to set the bar higher for your Japanese work.. Full Body - Yellowblaze)

(And by "higher" I mean just about as high as you can get, ha.)

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I will defiantly be getting a different dragon, I just used that as an example. I was thinking wind bars like you said and the splash water shading, not sure what they are called. My other arm is free but have a shaded star on my elbow, that could tie in better. I do need to tie in some floral stuff as well. Thanks for your help man.

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I think the advice gouge gave is spot on. I think hitting the arm with only the elbow star is your best bet.

Japanese and traditional floral stuff is the best. Whatever you get will be cool as long as it's done well. If you're nervous about that the people around here can always recommend solid artists.

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