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Next tattoo: color vs b&g


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So, I'm all set up for my next tattoo appointment. It's going to be a Tibetan tiger on the old rib panel. Now, usually I don't have this problem but for some reason I cannot seem to decide if I want it in color or b&g. All of my other work is full color, but I love the way well done b&g looks. The smooth gradients of grey, the contrast, all of it. And I want at least one really good b&g piece. It's just that every time I say "This will be the one," another part of me goes "but it'll look so good in color too."

I've seen many amazing tigers done in both color and b&g. I just want to do this piece justice, and am leaning towards black and grey. So, given the subject matter, placement, and style (Tibetan inspired) what is the hive's opinion for such a tattoo?

And I know, it's my tattoo and I should get it the way I want. But am the type of person who makes pro/con lists for things like this. I will say that I love how well the colors in Tibetan artwork compliment each other while producing a very muted appearance (without clashing).

Anyways, I'll be making my decision in the next day or 2, am just fishing for some outside perspective.

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I know perfectly this hard dilemna of B&G or colors tattoo... As I never find a solution, I just more or less divided my body in 2 parts: B&G on one half and colours on the other one... :)

Personally, even your "other work is full color" I think you should follow your first idea: "This will be the One" that I would like to translate by "If I must one day begin by a great B&G work, it will be probably this one.. and your love of this B&G tiger will offer you new future B&G project ideas ;)

In your case, I always ask my tattoer what will be the best choice from his point of view and it was always a good decision at my eyes,too.

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