Carlsbad Gap Video

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I just discovered this video through our @lastsparrow account and one of our new followers @SkullsAndWings blog. I talked a little about skateboarding Carlsbad in the RIP Hubba Hideout thread so here is one of San Diego County's contributions to Skateboarding history.

This "documentary" is on the one bigger gap at Carlsbad High. For those who skateboard or used to skateboard you will recognize tons and tons of spots you've seen in Thrasher, Transworld, and other skate magazine and videos just from this one high school. Danny Way, Kris Markovich, Jeremy Wray, Rob Dyrdek, and many many more have rasied the bar one after another, year after year on this thing. Enjoy.

Here's another video that has less talking

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I was never able to skate that good. I don't know, maybe people who can are just build different on the insides or something. I don't think i had the coordination to be that good. Oh well I had fun messing around on my skate for all those years.

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    • That's super! Great contrast.  Love the commitment, too. 
    • I like it!  Roses would work really nice. Ferns?  Sextant? Tools? Engine? Close-up of a Scarab or other bug?
    • Hey guys, Reviving the full back piece experience thread. So I had never been tattooed before and last year I decided to dive in for my first one and begin my traditional Japanese full back, (cause if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly right 😂) The tattooer is Matt Collins at Unseen in Adelaide. I know I don’t have anything to compare it to, but having read this thread I know what you all say about full backs is 100% true, it is damn hard work. We’ve just completed all of the background and that last session shading in rocks over the tailbone was definitely brutal. About 20 ish hours in I think. I love the finished product though, and can’t wait to see the cranes and leaves once we get into those, mostly black and grey with some red on leaves and cranes heads, haven’t decided on the omamori design yet.  
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